California Opioid Safety Network: Saving Lives, Together


California Opioid Safety Network: Saving Lives, Together

Opioids — either prescription medications or an illicit drug — present the most serious drug crisis the US has ever experienced. Nearly 2,000 Californians died last year from opioids, devastating families and communities across the state. All of us - doctors, pharmacists, parents, teachers, advocates, mental health providers, law enforcement, and others - have a role to play in combating this crisis.

We are a network of coalitions fighting the opioid epidemic in our communities. We believe that by working together, we can lower the supply of opioids, promote recovery from addiction, and prevent unnecessary deaths. The Network offers a forum for all coalitions, organizations and individuals working to combat the opioid crisis. Click here to learn more.

Opioids in the news

California Orders Opioid Overdose Antidote Naloxone Available Without Prescription (The San Francisco Chronicle).
On June 7 the California Department of Public Health issued a statewide standing order for Naloxone which functions as a standing prescription that enables all California organizations that work to reduce or manage drug addiction to distribute naloxone to patients and members of the community. Click here to find a link to this article and other top news on opioid safety in California and nationally. 

California Coalitions Take On Opioid Safety

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Announcements and Updates

Opioid Safety Resource Catalog: The California Health Care Foundation, in partnership with Smart Care California, has created a resource catalog of individuals, organizations, and firms interested in supporting health plan opioid safety initiatives and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) integration in primary care and other settings. Click here to see the catalog, which is split into three categories: technical assistance, academic detailing, and MAT coaching. 
Videos on chronic pain and addiction: Corey Waller MD, MS DFASAM, a national expert on opioid addiction, has created engaging and compelling videos that combine lecture with visual graphics illustrating the science and data. Opioids for Pain is a 40 minute video that goes through the brain neurochemistry of pain and opioid use, and walks through the CDC guidelines. Addiction 101, 23 minutes, goes through the neurochemistry of opioid addiction to understand the case for MAT.

The state’s opioid overdose dashboard now has data for 2017! Check out this short explainer, with graphics, on how to use the dashboard and easily create your county’s report.

40 AmeriCorps VISTA Members to Work with California Opioid Safety Coalitions

AmeriCorps VISTA is recruiting and hiring up to 40 people to be placed in California opioid safety coalitions. These full-time VISTA members can support coalitions in a range of capacities, including project management, preparing materials, outreach and materials development, or other duties as defined by coalition leadership. If you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorp VISTA member, or want to help recruit VISTA members in your community, please click here or email for more information.

With generous support from the California Health Care Foundation, the California Opioid Safety Network is a program of the Center for Health Leadership and Practice at the Public Health Institute.