Who are we?

We are a network of coalitions fighting the opioid epidemic in our communities. We believe that by working together, we can lower the supply of opioids, promote recovery from addiction, and prevent unnecessary deaths. The Network offers a forum for all coalitions, organizations and individuals working to combat the opioid crisis.

Opioids in the News


We strongly recommend that you read and share this article that supports the type of low-threshold, easy access MAT that we are aiming to promote in the California MAT expansion model. It includes evidence behind home inductions, not requiring counseling for all patients, and use of buprenorphine for other substance use disorders.
"When we shift our focus to providing individualized care that incorporates patient-centered outcomes, we can better help our patients with OUD achieve remission and lead improved lives." Click to read more.

40 Americorp VISTA Members to Work with California Opioid Safety

Coalitions: AmeriCorps VISTA is recruiting and hiring up to 40 people to be placed in California opioid safety coalitions. These full-time VISTA members can support coalitions in a range of capacities, including project management, preparing materials, outreach and materials development, or other duties as defined by coalition leadership. If you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorp VISTA member, or want to help recruit VISTA members in your community, please click here or email klustig@healthleadership.org for more information.

California Coalitions Take On Opioid Safety

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Funding Opportunities

Addiction Treatment Starts Here: Community Partnerships
Letter of Intent due March 22, 2019, 5:00 PM PST
Informational webinar on March 5, 2019, 12:00 PM PST
In partnership with the California Department of Health Care Services, Center for Care Innovations (CCI)  is launching a new program that will equip three community opioid coalitions or taskforces with training and support to use a systems thinking approach to identify the best opportunities to sustainably address opioid use disorder (OUD) within their community, and create social change at scale. CCI will provide grants of $75,000 to support your coalition’s work, on-site tailored technical assistance to conduct system mapping, and access to subject matters experts to advise your action planning.

Syringe Access Fund
Deadline for off-cycle proposals on March 1, 2019
The primary goal of the Syringe Access Fund is to provide core support for programs that demonstrate an ability to provide high quality syringe access services and to conduct local, statewide, or national-level policy advocacy initiatives. Through the Syringe Access Fund, AIDS United will provide grants to support work in the following areas: Syringe Access Direct Services and Education/Mobilization. Click here for more information on this opportunity. 

Announcements and Updates

Free Online X-Waiver Course
Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS) offers 24 hours of free addiction training which can be used for an online x-waiver course (plus CEUs) for physiciansnurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These hours may also be used to meet the requirements of AB2487. This new law requires all physicians and surgeons, within four years of their initial license or by their second renewal date, to complete either  a four-hour CME course on pain management or end-of-life care; or 12 hours on the treatment of opiate-dependent patients.
For more information on other recent legislative changes, see our webinar with accompanying slidesresource list, and legislation summary guide.

Department of Health Care Services Substance Use Disorder Statewide Conference
Conference, August 20-22, 2019
Abstracts submission deadline, March 22, 2019
Join this dynamic event by submitting a proposal to present at the DHCS SUD Statewide Conference. Share your expertise on supporting coordination and integration for SUD services, exploring opportunities of SUD services, focusing on what works to effect change, or providing training opportunities during this conference.

Launch of California Bridge Statewide Training Series
Session One, February 25, 2019, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM PST
The California Bridge Program will conduct a series of day-long statewide training sessions to provide in-depth education and motivation that is necessary to push forward hospital programs to offer 24/7 access to treatment for patients with substance use disorders. The first training session will be open to all hospital providers in California. Subsequent trainings may be limited to specific program participants.

With generous support from the California Health Care Foundation, the California Opioid Safety Network is a program of the Center for Health Leadership and Practice at the Public Health Institute.